“Global Warming” hits CAA Campus

Just as the days are shortening, the clouds graying, and the leaves changing color there are strong evidences that trends of change have also hit Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) as three of the four new instructors on campus have come from the “sunbelt states” of Arizona, Florida, and Texas respectively. 

After 21 great years as an English teacher at CAA Virlys Moller decided to retire, and our new English teacher, Stacy Knight, should be here for a long time as she is nowhere near retirement age. Knight, her husband, Scott, and their one-year-old daughter, Alana, have moved to the liquid sun of the Northwest, from the plasma sun of Arizona, where she taught at the Holbrook Indian School. Knight spent the summer moving, taking AP workshops, and getting settled into her new classroom. She enjoys reading, traveling, and photography and says she is looking forward to “getting to know her students and not being the ‘new teacher’ on campus.” 

Our former chaplain and headmaster, Matthew Butte, left CAA after 17 years to be part of the Oregon Conference Education Department. We are blessed to have the chaplain position filled by Andrew Perrin, who has a wife, Jaci, who was also a chaplain before becoming a full time mommy to their eight-month old daughter, Isla. Once again a sun-drenched teacher was rescued and returned to a land flowing with rain as Perrin has been teaching theology and religion classes at Florida Adventist University for the last three years. He brings with him a love for “all things outdoors”, photography, and music.

Butte’s “principal replacement”, Dr. Gerald Coy, is no stranger to CAA as he graduated here 52 years ago. He chose to come out of retirement to share his best friend Jesus with the students and staff and can be seen in the halls of the school and standing along the sidelines of the soccer field or gym, supporting the students in their athletic activities. He can be readily identified “in the field” by his Texas Stetson and cowboy boots. That may have something to do with his sunny Texas residence of late. Those identifying apparel are quickly removed though when he gets down to his hobby of rebuilding his ’60 Chevy Corvair. 

CAA’s other “New-bie” this year is Jeremy New, married to Yulia, a local with minimum sun exposure. He enjoys his other job teaching at WSU in addition to photography, music, and art. He teaches ELL and history at CAA. 

We are glad that “global warming” has come to CAA and welcome the warmth each new faculty member will bring to our school.