A HeART for Columbia

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Expressing oneself is personal. Making art is personal, too. And as we are “created in God’s image,” when the two combine it can result in a reflection of that image through a magical, meaningful new creation. It is an art from the heart. Inspiration occurred for an art project that would tap into students’ creativity when Columbia Adventist Academy’s (CAA) art instructor, Marién Vera, saw the art of many local artists scattered throughout the Vancouver area. She took her art students to see the artwork and then introduced the next art project for them to develop. It was a change of pace from all the previous assignments but combined them for a piece of art that was very unique and individualized. She gave each student a heart-shaped Mylar balloon that they covered with paper-mache before creating “what the heart meant to them.” Their final masterpieces were inspired by many things, including poetry and personal journeys. The premiere exhibition for displaying these pieces of art was a fundraiser event that took place in the forum of CAA. The art was then relocated to different places in the school where fellow students could enjoy them. Vera said, “It was so rewarding to see a nervous student who didn’t consider herself an artist become an artist gleaming with pride in her work and what she had accomplished.” This project, begun as an overwhelming one, turned into one of the heart. And it was not only art of the heart but also art from the heart.