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CAA + ELL = Outreach

As globalization and technology perpetually shrink our planet, parents whose native language is not English desire for their children to learn the language of the global market in hopes that their children will remain competitive and relevant as they enter the work force.

A HeART for Columbia

Expressing oneself is personal. Making art is personal, too. And as we are “created in God’s image,” when the two combine it can result in a reflection of that image through a magical, meaningful new creation. It is an art from the heart.

Full-time Philanthropy at Columbia Adventist Academy

One of Webster’s definitions of philanthropy is “the desire to promote the welfare of others.” And that makes the activities of this past fall at Columbia a full-time philanthropic endeavor.

“Global Warming” hits CAA Campus

Just as the days are shortening, the clouds graying, and the leaves changing color there are strong evidences that trends of change have also hit Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) as three of the four new instructors on campus have come from the “sunbelt states” of Arizona, Florida, and Texas respectively. 

Columbia Adventist Academy "Expotition" Exceeds Expectations

When the idea of an "expotition" was tossed around between Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) science instructor, Larry Hiday, and local backpacking guru, Randy Givens, there was simply the intention of introducing students to backpacking and “God’s second book”.

CAA Biology Trip: Research "transecting" all Disciplines

6:30 a.m. is very early to ask twenty-six academy  students to show up for school, but on April 20, that’s the time that twenty-six biology students arrived at Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) due to lunar forces.