AP Program

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is a program of college-level courses and exams for secondary students. Administered since 1955 by the College Board, this is a national program. Approximately 30 examinations in a variety of academic disciplines are administered in May of each year. Colleges receive the grades of the examinations and use them as the basis for granting credit and/or placement to entering students whose scores meet their requirements. Students may take as many AP exams per year as they wish. Only scores earned during the junior and senior year will be forwarded to colleges. Each college or university sets its own policy regarding AP scores.

Advanced Placement courses are provided by Columbia Adventist Academy as a way of preparing students for the exams. Though an AP course is not required before a student takes an AP exam, AP courses are designed to provide the college-level instruction which is normally necessary to make a student successful on the exam.

AP courses make it possible for academically talented students to upgrade the quality and to increase the challenge of their studies. These courses require a higher level of commitment to reading and synthesis of ideas, writing, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. It is not unusual for students to spend nearly twice the homework time for an AP class as for a regular class.


Advanced Placement courses are not designed for all students. Because this is a college-level program, it is important to review a student's achievement before entering an AP course. The following guidelines will be used in determining a student's eligibility for enrollment in an AP course.

  Overall Specific Subject
GPA 3.0 3.5
ITED Score 75th percentile 85th percentile

Weighted GPA

Because AP courses are considered to be college-level, a student's GPA will be weighted to reflect the increased difficulty.

Grade GPA
A 5.0
B 4.0

Transfer Credit

CAA will not accept transfer credit for AP classes taken elsewhere when that class is taught on campus. Should students take an approved AP class through APEX, an Internet-based program, it will substitute for a regular class at CAA (e.g. AP Government and Politics will substitute for CAA's Government class). Course work for classes taken through APEX must be completed by May 1 of a given school year to allow for students to take the AP exam in early May.


Students wishing to take AP classes off campus should complete the appropriate application available in the registrar's office.